DAGE CAPITAL has been supplying electronic components for the production of household appliances, communication devices, electronics (including automotive one) for two decades. Only the products from proven, official manufacturers of electronic components, of which there are more than three dozen in the supplier's catalogue, are supplied to the Baltic and CIS countries.

Besides, among its regular customers DAGE CAPITAL has service centres specializing in the repair of cell phones, computer equipment, home appliances, and automotive electronics.

At the Company’s website http://dage.lt/  you will find a wide choice of:

– Boards;

– Matrices;

– Screens and LCD panels;

– Memory cards;

– DC/DC converters.

In addition to those electronic components that are available at the website, you can order bespoke components, which are ordered rarely or produced in limited series.

Components are supplied in the Baltic states through the Company. Direct shipment of orders directly from the manufacturer can be arranged to the CIS countries.

If the customer has difficulty choosing the necessary components, they can request full information about the technical and other characteristics of the required part by e-mail, and also get a comparison table of identical components from different manufacturers.

Prior to shipment of selected electronic components, pre-sale performance testing is performed, followed by repackaging in antistatic packaging. Orders are processed and shipped promptly. Managers will provide all the necessary information about how to buy electronic components, how to pay, and the time frame for delivery to a certain country.