Hardware manicure and pedicure are among the most popular services offered by any beauty salon. It is not uncommon for women to purchase a cutter for nail care at home, because hardware manicure is easier, more comfortable and safer than trimming the cuticles. Having chosen a device with the necessary capacity and a convenient taskbar, you need to take care of high-quality attachments for it, so that the nails are beautiful and the feet after pedicure are perfectly soft.

Lnail online store offers cutters necessary for all stages of manicure and pedicure:

– Durable ceramic ones – stay sharp for a long time, quick to sterilize, large ones are used to remove acrylic and gel coating from the nail plate, and thin ones with fine cut – to remove cuticles;

– Hard-alloy ones – among the most popular ones, great value for money, used for acryl coating;

– Metal ones with diamond coating – for gel coating, they are reliable and durable;

– Ceramic attachments – for pedicure, for removal of toughened skin on the feet, small bits can be used for the skin around the nail plate;

– Silicone ones – intended for polishing the nail plate before coating.

You can easily find the necessary professional tools from the world’s famous manufacturers in the website’s user-friendly catalogue. At the website, you can buy both cutters you use most often, and complete sets designed for all phases of manicure and pedicure. Consumables (disposable gloves, paper bags for sterilization) are also available.

Can’t buy left-handed cutters in Vilnius? Now it’s not a problem – you will find everything you need to work comfortably with your left hand in the Lnail store catalogue.

You can buy attachments for manicure or pedicure devices in the online store for wholesale and retail delivery in Vilnius, Lithuania and EU countries. The cost of delivery depends on the tariffs of the post operator. Delivery is free of charge for orders of a certain amount. You can get your instruments in Vilnius on the day of order. All instruments are carefully packaged before being shipped to customers. This is done not only to preserve their integrity, but also to comply with hygienic safety requirements due to the spread of coronavirus infection.